We believe that travel and learning experiences have a positive impact on a student’s life by expanding their horizons and changing the way they see, understand and interact with the world.  Experience is a great teacher!

Customize Educational Experience - We create tailor-made programs which are designed to enhance your teaching curriculum and to stimulate personal and professional growth of students. Our programs are designed to enhance the classroom curriculum and they include a mix of business appointments, cultural immersion, sightseeing, outdoor pursuits and community service activities.

Safety & Quality - Educators and parents alike can rest assured that students are traveling with a reputable company that will not only provide the best educational travel experience, but are also committed to the safety of the students. We use the best tourism suppliers such as hotels, coaches, restaurants and tour guides that meet our quality standards.

Unique Myanmar Learning - As a developing country in Southeast Asia, Myanmar offer numerous travel and learning experiences from tourism or industrial perspectives.

Value Added Service - Educators or organizers will be delighted to receive the great service of our company for about the same price they would pay if, on their own, they made all the plans.


As your destination management company in Myanmar, we provide you attractive tour packages to add to your business portfolio.

Program Diversity - With a wide range of nature landscape that includes but not limited to snowy mountains, great plains, ancient cities and uncharted islands, Myanmar boasts endless tourism opportunities. Our tailor-made tour products include student travel packages, voluntourism activities, service learning programs, classic tours and adventure vacations.

Credibility - As a member of national tourism organizations such as Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA), and Myanmar Domestic Pilgrimage and Tour Operators Association (MDPTOA), we are committed to provide ethical and reliable service to our partners.

Sustainability - Giving back is part of our corporate DNA. We are committed to sustainability of community since the first day of our company’s inception.

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